Enter Daily Matches

Enter your Bowlers into matches of 10 competitors to gain PINs or Experience and compete for prizes. The Pin Master 10-Pin Sim Engine will simulate a 10 frame game to determine who takes home the prizes.

There are two types of matches. Players can choose to enter free matches to be rewarded the the in-game token PINs or spend PINs to enter Competitive matches to gain Experience for your Bowler.

Enter up to three Bowlers in a single tournament to build a squad and take down the top spot. Increase your odds of winning with a team of Bowlers to roll over the competition.

First Place in all matches has an extra chance to win a bonus NFT. Top Spot has a 10% chance of winning an Accessory NFT or bundle of PINs. Boost your Luck Attribute to increase the bonus chance and the odds of a better reward.

Gain Experience to Level Up

All Bowlers start at Level 1. Players can spend their Experience to increase the level of their Bowler and gain attribute points.

There are 20 Levels in each of the 4 Ranks.

Each level increase awards 5 attribute points to be allocated to the Bowler.

Equip Your Bowler

Use your Accessory NFTs to increase your stats and boost your Pin Master Bowler. Collect Bowling Balls, Bags, Wrist Guards and Shoes to boost your Attributes. Choose the best gear to equip your bowler and give them an edge on every roll.

Upgrade Attributes

A Bowler’s Attributes are used to determine their overall ability. The Pin Master 10-Pin Sim Engine uses the attributes to simulate matches frame-by-frame to get a score.

🎳  Bowler Attributes

  • Power – Increase bowler Power for a greater chance for a strike
  • Control – Increase accuracy and spin to hit more spares
  • Luck – Increase odds of hitting difficult shots
  • Stamina – Determines the number of matches allowed per day
  • Floor – Increase to keep out the gutter and raise your low score
  • Score Limit – The highest score a Bowler card can bowl


Weekly Tournaments

The Pin Master Weekly Bowling Tour divides bowlers according to their rank from Novice, Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Professional. Once a Bowler has maxed out to level 20 at their rank, they become eligible to move up.

Players enter Weekly Tournaments based on rank to win major prizes.

Season 1 Prize Pools

🎳  Weekly Prizes

  • $1000 for Professional
  • $125 for Semi-Pro
  • $50 for Amateur
  • $25 for Novice

Prize pools for Season 1 are funded for the first 6 months from a portion of the 20% share of NFT sales allocated for prizes. The unallocated portion will be rolled over and added to the share from future sales to fund prize pools going forward.

Prizes will be paid out in WAX, equivalent to the prize value in USD. Wax value is determined on the day of the tournament.


Reach The Next Level

When a Bowler has reached their peak and maxed out all 20 levels at the Professional Rank, they are eligible to raise their Prestige. The Bowler is reset to a Novice Rank at Level 1 and begins the grind again with significantly increased scoring and earning potential.

Prestige Bowlers get a Permanent Scoring Bonus pushing top possible scores to over 300. They also receive a Permanent Earning Boost to all winnings split between the owner of the NFT and the Sponsor of the Bowler.

A Bowler can increase their Prestige twice.

🎳  Prestige Level 1

  • 1% Scoring Bonus
  • 1% Earning Bonus
    (Split 75/25)

    • 0.75% to Bowler NFT
    • 0.25% to Sponsor

🎳  Prestige Level 2

  • 2% Scoring Bonus
  • 2% Earning Bonus
    (Split 75/25)

    • 1.5% to Bowler NFT
    • 0.5% to Sponsor