In-Game Token

The in-game token for Pin Master is PINs. Players will be able to win PINsĀ in free-to-play tournaments or purchase with WAX.

A New Way To Game

The Play-to-Earn gaming model is among the fastest growing spaces in blockchain development. It is an exciting way to play that rewards all players who add value by interacting with the Pin Master game world. Players are rewarded through distribution of an in-game token and fully-funded, free-to-enter tournaments with large cash prizes.


Purchase in-game items and real world accessories and apparel from major Bowling equipment retailers.

šŸŽ³Ā  Spend PINs

  • The PINs token will be used to make purchases in the Pin Master Universe
  • Enter competitive matches to gain Experience
  • Use PINsĀ to level up your Bowler and gain Attributes
  • Spend PINs to move a Bowler up to the next rank in the PinMaster Tour


Virtual Bowling Prize Pools

Prize pools for Pin Master Weekly tournaments are funded through a 20% share of all NFT sales.

Prizes will be paid out in WAX, equivalent to the prize value in USD. WAX value is determined on the day of the tournament.

5% of all prize pool money is reserved for our Royalty Share system.

Prize Pool Funds

20% of Quarter 2 Sales (as of Jul 9): $16,717

Summer League Season: $13,374

Fall League Season: $3,343

Royalty Shares

  • 1%Ā paid to the holder of the Bowling Alley NFT
  • 1% paid to the Sponsor of the winning Bowlers
  • 1% set aside to fund tournaments, including the end-of-yearĀ Bowling World Cup
  • 2% set aside to pay any winning Prestige Bowlers (unused share is added to the annual Bowling World Cup prize pool)